Evaluation: Blessed First Communion Program

Dynamic Catholic is doing a lot of great things and providing many good resources.  What has your experience been of the Blessed Program for both First Reconciliation and First Communion?  When I took a look at it this is what I saw about the program:


  • Attractive – it does not feel like a textbook at all.  The pictures and colors draw children in.
  • Storytelling/narrative style.  We all are more captivated by stories than we are by a list of facts.  These resources do a great job communicating like a story and it does it with a sense of joy and excitement.
  • DVD’s – children like DVD’s and are usually pretty engaged in watching something.


  • I presume parents are covering this book and the DVD with their kids which is the ideal.  If they are talking about the content in the book that is good.
  • My concern with this program is that there is almost no “response” piece.  In catechetical materials it is important that the child has the opportunity to respond to the material they have received and learned about.  The Blessed program provides very little of this.

Catechesis has two key pieces in general – revelation and response.  Both are essential for the complete process and integration of the faith.  The Blessed Program has many positive pieces, but falls short when it comes to the application piece.  Children (as well as adults) need the opportunity to give a response to the message proclaimed to them.


I’d appreciate hearing form anyone who’s used Blessed and found a way to bring about a more balanced approach to this program.



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