Evaluation Time

It’s that time of year where the year is winding down and only a few weeks remain of your religious education sessions.  It’s a good time to make sure you do some evaluating with your catechists about the year.  I give my catechists an evaluation form to give feedback each year.  In one of the programs at our parish where we have monthly catechist formation meetings we discussed the things that went well and some of the challenges experienced this year.

It is invaluable to receive feedback from your catechists about various aspects of your program.  Here are some examples of questions to ask your catechists:

  • Did you feel the materials used (textbooks, lesson outlines, scheduled activities) were beneficial and engaged your students? Why or why not?
  • Were the resources provided helpful (catechist formation, articles shared, extra materials designed to enhance lessons, etc.)?
  • What did you do this year that engaged your students?
  • What did you do this year that assisted your students in not only knowing Jesus but seeing in them a desire to grow closer to Him?
  • What were the greatest challenges to helping your students grow in their faith?
  • What things would you recommend our parish consider in the religious formation of our young parishioners?
  • What did you do this year that you consider were your “best practices”?
  • What can our parish do to assist you in your ministry as a catechist?
  • Do you feel we did a good job engaging the parents this year?  In what ways can we improve?

Take the feedback you receive as an opportunity to see how you can continue to grow and improve your program.  In today’s religious education environment we need to continue to find ways to meet the students and parents where they are and draw them into the faith.


How has evaluating your program been beneficial?

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